W hatever the size of your business, IFL-Avocats has set up a dedicated hotline to provide you with real-time legal advice and a quick reply to any question and issue regarding employment and social security law you may have:

  • as part of your relationships with each individual employee: contract formation and signature, contract performance and suspension (paid leave, sick leave, workplace injury, disciplinary measures, etc.), contract termination (retirement, dismissal, contract termination by mutual consent, resignation);
  • as part of your relationships with your personnel as a whole, through e.g. internal Company rules, profit-sharing and incentive plans, future collective bargaining agreements (regarding e.g. working time), organizing personnel elections and interacting with employee representative bodies, implementing collective redundancy schemes for economic reasons;
  • prior to any evolution of the company: situational analysis and employment audit, amendment of existing employment contracts, change of applicable collective agreement.

IFL-Avocats is able to assist you and protect your interests – either as a claimant or as a defendant – before industrial tribunals and Employment sections at the Courts of appeal, but also before subdistrict court (TI), Court of first instance (TGI), Administrative court or Social security court.
Our lawyers in the Employment law & Social Security Law department hold specialist certificates in Employment Law.